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Today i discovered how shit the stock tyres really are.

Good times,


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  • Sorry to hear about your spill BUT These bikes aren't designed to lean like sports bikes the handling is totally different ! Don't blame the tyres ? Ride safe

  • do you really think I'm not aware of how these bikes handle?

  • I discovered that on 13/07...wet surface + stock tyres = be prepared to land on the road sooner than you think...

  • lean or no lean this bike is not great on a wet surface, the tyres are s***

  • I changed to city grips after my little misshap in the rain wasn't even leaning the vee rubbers are shocking

  • I used my stock Vee Rubbers until they were bald.

    Riding on icy roads in -3 during a UK winter is not fun, lol.

    I'd recommend you getting the stock tyres swapped out as soon as the days start getting cooler.

  • we coming into summer, i might get these diablo's every seems to like

  • only thing that broke was the peg, so all good.

  • Never tried them, but they look good.

  • I didn't say you weren't aware of the handling ? No offence meant :)

  • been using the stock tires with no problem ... when it rains ill go slower

  • Good luck

  • So I'm gonna say what everyone is thinking...are you going to post the footage? ;)

  • If that's aimed at me :,Clown shoes ? Zzzzzzzz so witty & drole :/ err ps I ain't dumb

  • Basically rossi lmAooo

  • The stock tyres are not the best in the rain, but when it rains it is actually to the rider to adapt to the weather conditions and the bike.

    The first time we slightly slip under the rain, we start to understand what are the limits with this bike and this weather. Then when it rains again, I will just go slower or be a bit more careful.

    If we really need to go faster, and we need to use it under the rain, then it is better to change the tyres. But I never fell on the wet, but I am going really slow on wet road.

    These people seem to have stock tyres. Ok, it is dry, but they are probably more competent than many (than me at least) I don't think they would fall in a wet conditions.

    After if you want to ride safer, Michelin City grips seems to be the way to go.

  • Ofcourse

  • It was oil that put the bike down. Not the wet weather