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Not 100% on the look of this thing. Much nicer when it has a plate on it. Still, it's for function not looks!

Thanks Benjamin

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  • Looks good. Nice swingarm too ;-)

  • Tony Payton

  • It's a good place to put an L plate if you need one. Or number plate if your exhaust necessitates it. Otherwise the top and bottom screws look silly.

  • What do you think: leave it, or angle the main bracket down and the 'six shooter' bracket one turn up, to bring the guard close to the tyre?

  • Don't they do them without the bracket for a number plate?

  • I would make it closer to the tyre.

  • Yes, but that was a new item after I bought this ine

  • Was just comparing to this one on my old bmw for height, angle, distance, etc.

    I think I will have a go at bringing it in a bit nearer.

    There's quite a lot of adjustability since you can also put the bit in the brake caliper mount the other way up.

  • Looks like I've actually got it mounted wrong! Not my fault, no instructions and it was assembled that way in the box.

  • How is the way you have mounted it different?

  • I've got the bracket on the caliper mount upside down