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Spent most of yesterday with the autosol working on the biffers pipes, think you can see the polish line in one of the pics. Sore fingers but its been worth it.

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  • Very nice... I use something called optiglanz for cleaning mine... Very easy to use and no sore fingers... But they don't shine like yours... Have you seen this...

  • Thanks John, yes I get most of my little tricks from Delboys videos, he's brilliant. I used quite a long old sock wrapped round the pipes, autosol smeared direct on them then used a sawing action with the sock. Don't know how long the shine will last, till the first wet run probably.

  • Can come n do mine next

  • I have just washed my bike... My 4yr old helped and while I was busy on the wheels she appears to have used a scotch bright pad on the tank... Oh happy days

  • Hah! What a coincidence, I polished my pipes today too :) But mine looks now like the top part of yours... Hmm, it looks like I have some more work.

  • Oops !! hope its OK John.

  • Sure you will sort it John long piece of cloth round it and give it some welly.

  • You're on Duggie lol.

  • It's not going to happen Adey... My down pipes are quite pitted because of the last 3 winters and 50,000 miles... I have got a full replacement exhaust system though and that one is polished... I will probably not polish that when it goes on either

  • I think you've got the best idea John, I never get to ride the bloody thing, too busy cleaning !

  • It's a work horse mate and if I get a chance of a run all good... It's quite disgraceful how I treat it really... Never enough hours to clean it properly... I took it to allyearbiker for a clean and treatment last year, I was quite proud when he said mine was the dirtiest bike he had ever had to clean

  • Adey Kitchener to late already started

  • Harpic acidic bog cleaner works well for removing the heat staining. Polished down pipes on my year round biffer however...

  • Carefull Duggie, its addictive. I've been into car and bike detailing for years, even did it for a living a while back. Got more lotions and potions into my wardrobe than Halfords lol.

  • Never tried bog cleaner Neil, certainly sounds interesting. Apparently coca cola and a scotch brite pad works wonders on rust.

  • Was going to try Allyearbiker at some stage John, I see the treatment price has gone up to £60, what did you think to what he did ?

  • Very impressed, I had never managed to get my wheels clean but he did, it looked fab for about 3 hours

  • Think I will give them a try before next winter, cheers John.

  • Not sure if this is a wives tale, but an old biker friend said he used to wrap wire around the top of each down pipe a few times, he reckoned that stopped them discolouring.

  • They look the dogs. I've never polished mine in 8years and they look terrible.

  • Try and get some optiglanz first... It really is magic stuff... Mine went from rusty to brushed stainless in no time.. I have no intention of polishing the rest of them though

  • This optiglanz stuff must be some kind of Magic Snake Oil :) (picture not mine) /fbd40de11c6aeb1f17c1ef49bfbbd5be.jpg

  • Malcolm it stings a bit when you get it on your hands

  • Might try some Optiglanz, Autosol works but its bloody hard work.

  • Here's comparison. It looks like Optiglanz works better with discolouring. sh-review-optiglanz-autosol/

  • Not heard of that one Brian, I'm sure there's some sort of scientific reason behind it.