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I have honda shadow 1100 spirit 2007 and I face tow problems

first i want to buy cobra floorboards for it but its very expensive it 275$ plus the shipping fees

second the right side foot pig is not comfortable for me and i search a lot and i think the foot peg stander size is 10 cm and couldn’t find bigger than that

by searching in ebay i found cobra floorboards new without the metal mounting and i bought them with 50$ it was designed for Kawasaki 353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

after that i made tow holse on the original foot pegs and fix the floorboards on it by just 1 Nail

and for the right side i try to make the holes as much as i can at the end of the original foot peg

its now very comfortable for me and I think my bike looks better

my next project I want to make the break padel pad bigger and taller than the original

I am sorry for my bad English but I want to share my experience with the group

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  • Do you have a pic of the finished floorboard from the bottom? I'd like to see how its attached. Thanks

  • No i don't have i didn't takeoff the foot peg just i put the cobra on it make tow marks and then drill them

    I will try to take photo today for it