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    Well that was the most difficult way I've ever had to fit indicators, so the Oxford nano indicators have some fancy connectors, problem being the gap between where my tail light wires go through underneath and the gap on the evotech tail tidy didn't fit the connector, so I had to have the whole tail tidy off just to fit indicators, then as I put it back on one of the nuts rolled straight down my subframe.... Because putting a tail tidy mount in front of the subframe is a good idea....

    At least now people can't complain they can't see my rear indicators haha! Do love these little ones

    • Get these ones, they're brilliant, I religiously run them on all my bikes, always gone straight through mot's with them, you can pick them up cheap on eBay for a tenner but I'd say get the Oxford ones, more expensive but better quality by miles

    • http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/OXFORD -NANO-MOTORCYCLE-LED-INDICATOR S-BLACK-OR-CHROME-/22043193157 2 These are what I've now put on, although I'll get a link to some cheap ones

    • I don't know what the legal limit is for indicators tbh ? If there ain't one then I'll just leave mine ... The only reason I changed them is because I kept breaking them from doing wheelies

    • You can't see yours for shit haha, I nearly arse ended you twice

    • Ahhha are they that bad lmao ..... I'll just get some stoock ones for the mot when it comes to it then ;) :) or are the above ones legal ? Where the limit for a tail tidy. Do u know ? I kept my stock and r&g one ... Have a roadman ATM

    • Those ones are yeah as theyre E marked

    • Fair play lol.... Still need a (E) mark sticker for my exhaust aswel :) :) ;)

    • eBay my friend, buy one of the little metal stick plaques, that's all you'll need haha

    • Ahhha yeah I've seen them for like a 5er