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My Honda Rebel 1998 still needs work, which really is the exhaust rusted off nearly but carnt find and down pipes for my own custom tips but anyway here she is !

  • Cool bike

  • Cheers !

  • Rat as hell, love it

  • Get some made... Look in BSH in the classifieds in back, or check online for someone local who could weld some up for you.

  • Im in the UK if you didnt know and to get some ones by welds would cost loads ! Ill try see if some conpany somewhere who bend pipes instead of weld them cheers

  • Yes,I did know... That's why I suggested BSH mag :) I'm in London....

  • the issue is the flange where the pipes meet the head. They'll have to be measured up and done properly. Talk to Maz at Mazbikes in Weston-Super-Mare. She could probably hook you up with someone if she can't do it (and she can!).

  • Thanks for the information Bobby Demers ! Real help !