• Photos from Alan D-Rowland's post

    Knew nothing about this til Martyn Lomas posted...

    'Anyone fancy meeting up at Hoar Park Farm, Ansley, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV10 0QU' ?...so in the blazing sunshine I popped down for a looksee. About an hour away from me.

    • Sorry I missed you Alan D-Rowland. I must have been in the Antiques centre

    • That was a good visit which is why I have not mentioned it back home.

    • This was a year ago from Alan, I should be going again this Wednesday, a friend of mine is riding down from Chesterfield on on a CB or CL anyone else going?

    • This wed as in 8th of Jun?

    • Yes, if you want to ride down with my friend I can send you contact details.

    • Good idea but CB72 NOT mot'd yet so may bring Missus in the car.

    • Okay

    • Will you be going this week Martyn?

    • Yes Malcolm Bridges I am hoping to be there at about 10 o-clock

    • Okay may see you, will be on CB400F