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Went for a blast with my mate on his Firebalde. The Bifffer had its throttle wide open quite a bit. Chicken strips nicely down enough for this old man. That'll do .............

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  • That's far enough over for me Neil :)

  • I get various metal bits touching down on the stock size tyre... Not much further to go, so not much point in putting a wider tyre on imho.

  • I'm not showing you my tyres

  • Oh go on us your chicken strips.....:-)

  • Just new tyres n not had the weather

  • You'll find the collector box or centre stand hits the floor before you run out of rubber Colin.....particularly on warm roads.

  • Strategic cop-out there Duggie....fair play to ya! :-)

  • Duggie... Don't worry about all of this metal down stuff... Us larger fellows need the rear shock on harder setting so the rear height is greater and that's why we look like big Jessie's

  • I'm 6' and 17 stone: shock is on about 2/3 preload. The bike handles / rides just fine 95% of the time: only had stuff touch down when really pushing it. Bigger folk do seem to dwarf the CBF, but in all honesty the fact that it is such a great all rounder that I personally don't care. Too big / creaky to ride a sports bike, don't want to ride a cruiser, too short in the leg to make "adventure" bikes practical and I now find the whole concept of riding a naked bike "being the best" to be, ride the bike, know your own limits and enjoy!

  • I've had the pegs scrape and foot it the ground o a few accessions

  • Yes, I know that feeling... love the Sound :-)

  • I came from a GSXR1000 to the Biffa & the bugger nearly had me off a few times when I first got it. Feet & pegs hitting the floor in the corners. Had to learn how to ride in more of a sedate manner. Lol