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Rideerscan mirror installed.

  • InterestIng

  • I would need to see it in person, but I'm thinking that could be distracting.

  • Just checked out the FB page for the company that sells it in the UK. Hope they can find a US distributor soon!

  • It's not distracting at all really. It's low enough that it's just at the bottom of your peripheral vision. It's about as distracting as your speedometer or side mirrors. I like it and would recommend it. Driven with the sun low behind me and no sun glare off it, either. Also, Theresa Reimer, carries it and ships to the u.s. That's where I got it from

  • Pretty cool Alex, let us know how it works. I have had one new but haven't installed it yet....

  • Theresa Reimer; I ordered from the website and paid with was here in a jiffy....