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Finally managed to swap my yzf r125 for an msx :D. Does anybody know if the exhaust is fitted right? Seems to be a bit to far under and burning the numberplate bracket. Wanting a tail tidy but its not gonna fit with the exhaust as it is. Any ideas? The headlight surround might be for sale if anybody is interested? :)

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  • If you took the can hanging strap off and flipped it round, would it give more clearance? You can usually slacken off all the exhaust clamps and tighten in a different spot to meet the can, if it would.

  • If not then just try releasing all the clamps, putting the can where you want it, then tightening back down. Might be enough.

    ISTR black widow developed the exhaust with someone off here's bike. Maybe that had a tail tidy and they couldn't the judge clearance?

  • What's the exhaust sound like? Thinking of getting a BW one...

  • Cheers aaron :). Theyre nice Adam Johnson. Ill try get a video for you later. Still has a baffle in at the minute though

  • There should be a spacer between the can hanger strap & the frame. It will space it out just over an inch.

  • Like a tube spacer sort of thing?

  • This is Blackwidows new GP style pipework. I really like it & prefer it over the original system now. Very good value for money.

  • I'll take a close up pic in a moment for you.

  • Its a nice bike mate :). Im gonna have a play around with the pipe later and see what i can do. Does the swing arm make much of a difference?

  • Can tell its not mounted right though

  • This is the newer style spacer but the other was just a bit shorter & plain. You will get the idea anyway.

  • I just used an offset hanger with my original one for a cleaner look.

  • Swing arm makes no difference but at least it's easier to adjust the chain

  • Cheers. It is getting there! Um, make a difference, maybe but it looks loads better. The shock & Ohlins fork kit make a big difference & would recommend doing those first if you can?

  • Cheers :). I have bits of metal lying around so ill just have to make something up.

  • Got vee rubber tyres on so those first ;). Haha

  • I havn't changed my tyres yet, i do have new ones to go on though.

  • Headlight cover sold**

  • Thanks bro