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Made a start at getting the rust under control before it gets too bad. Do people want updates on a slow build or just the completed bike when its finished? :D

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  • Colour ;). Stand out abit too.

  • Its not getting the standard tank either i dont think

  • Yeah good

  • Progress pics

  • Progress pics deffo :) some lairy colour would look good providing it keeps within a colour scheme

  • This still grates me, im glad she is getting rebuilt

  • 7 bikes got stolen in my area on friday. In the last two weeks i think its around 30+. Thats just hull but theft seems to be on the rise everywhere :/. Im just looking on the brightside,, i managed to get atleast some of it back. Pissed it burnt my week old tyres though -_-

  • its nuts, where i live bikes dont generally get stolen, just afew a year maybe tops but I know of at least 10 just last few months.

  • How the heck do you have so much rust already?

  • Got stolen :@

  • :( :(

  • You after any stock parts? I have quite a lot

  • After pretty much everythinng ha. Cheers :)

  • I've got wheels disc sprockets chains swing arm Shock Levers bar's clamps and probably a load more also indicators

  • And what ever he's not got I've loads of spares, fairings ect ect

  • I've got a spare seat handle bars n more just pay postage and they are yours for nothing

  • Andrew Rowe

  • man, honda grom owners are so generous