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Hi just wanted to ask how much do you think my 1980 CB900F project is worth? I have too many projects and im getting nowhere fast so thought i might let this one go but with the standard front and back end on but im not sure what its worth or maybe better off just breaking it? im in London Uk so any idea of a realistic value.. thanks

  • What sort of price would you be looking for ?

  • Really not sure thats why i thought id ask what people think its worth.. i just need a bit of space but if its really worth peanuts i may just sit on it longer and see if i get some enthusiam back later to do it..

  • 1000-1500 Euro maybe more if the right person want it? I dont know much that is i pounds? I have the same model but in sweden and a working bike might be about 1500euros but then again you have uppgraded too better swing, wheels and fork...

  • I just got one in a similar number of boxes and paid $400 US

  • If its all there then it might be worth £400-£600 but not much more. Note that we've recently seen complete running bikes in very good order not sell at £1200(ish).

  • Think Max is about right Andy obviously you get more if you break as engines mostly sell for £350 upwards seen breakers sell or try to sell engines up to £900 but unlikely price really , I have a friend selling a complete but electrically not running properly 750 for offers above £500 , there really only fetching good money if nice and sound

  • Hi Grant got any more details on your mates one?

  • Hi Steve yes it's black think fb model paintwork has been played with a little but only in decals different in colour as far as I remember but tidy , has gathered bit of rust recently forks not leaking but pitted , I motd it for him bit over a year ago but shortly after that it was killing plugs at alarming rate changed the Cdi units and coils also new reg rec and alternator but didn't solve prob , I've done lot on this slightly less severe on my 2 900s changing plugs to d8ea or even better champion p-ra7hc solved mine although mine still does few plugs but it's valve seals on mine that's still the gremlin , but yes his is all there wouldn't take much to make tidy and although can't 100% guarantee plugs will solve his think it will , he lost interest by the way we are on Isle of Wight so does cost a bit to collect from mainland in saying that they do allow walk a bike on ferry and off so could be collected at one of the ports

  • Hi Andy, that could be interesting for me. I will send you a message later.

  • Drop me a line Andy, i'd be interested. Where in London are you?

  • Split it you'll get more out of it if you can manage the grief. I'd be interested in the carb's

  • I have carbs if you need standard carbs Ian.

  • I have a complete 1982 cb900 with title and trying to sale for 800.00 and arnt having any luck

  • how much are the carbs?

  • Good clean standard carbs, £80 + shipping. Pic's available.

  • could you pm me some pics?