• Photos from Anthony Stawinski's post

    Going to try this one more time but now is for trade as well as buy outright. Just added a jockey shifter as you can see in the first picture. Wouldn't really say it's a beginner bike unless it was put back to a normal handle clutch setup.

    75 Honda cb550

    Carbs rebuild in April

    Hardtailed and stretch

    Tc brothers forward controls

    Dynatec electronic ignitions

    Ammo box for the key and battery

    Rewired in April

    King queen seat also have a solo springer still

    Open header as of now

    New ebc rear brakes

    Not so good

    The frame is sturdy but the welds are ugly

    Tank is dented but possibly being replaced soon

    It's ugly

    Valve cover leaks a little but not enough to bother me till winter time

    It's a fun little rat bike/bar bike. It gets attention, it's loud and slow. I enjoy the bike a lot but I need a vtwin and can't have 2 bikes. I'll trade for cars other bikes maybe a dirt bike. Price on it to sell outright is $2200 obo. Any questions please ask. You don't like it or don't think it's worth it please don't comment.

    • I like the ammo crate, whats inside it?

    • Wires, battery and key ignition

    • if i lived a little closer i might try to beat you down on the price a bit, cause that is just par for the course. but you pretty much built the bike i want to build, and i know it is not a bad price.

      I really like that jockey shift too. Other than the valve cover leaks, i would leave it (but really, leaking valve covers are kind of par for the course half the time too)...

      Getting this thing to IA owuld just make it impossible though.

    • Sad thing is I just dropped the price to 1500

    • that tears out my heart. no good reason it shouldn't practically teleport away at that price.

    • Oh the people around here just give ridiculous offers and say it's worth scrap prices blah blah. More than likely keeping it I guess.

    • i would, it would be good for bike night where i live. people would be taking alot of pics of it.

    • Bike nights around here it gets a good bit of talk and pictures. But it's just "kid" around here that offer junk prices or are dicks. I don't mind keeping it. I love it but I have a 16 month old daughter so that money could go towards a vtwin lol