Photos from Anthony Still Standing Allen's post

LED's installed, first ride tomorrow. Super excited. Spring fever

  • That is a sharp looking bike. My first ride of the season was last Tuesday. I hope you have a great one.

  • snow banks here are 8 ft high rides for a long time yet ....been a brutal winter :(

  • Realy nice

  • White walls are nice. I have one like yours.

  • Nice bike David Nixon, what seat and air cleaner is that?

  • Anthony Still Standing Allen, take a look at Karis ride that I posted. Also, April 23rd a bunch of us riding to White Pines. A straight shot west down North Avenue

  • Thanks Jamie Carey. A great cause the Karis ride. What time will the April 23 event start? Where is the start point?

  • Anthony Still Standing Allen Mustang seat but no name on the air cleaner. It was on the bike when I bought it.

  • Looks kick ass man. Ride safe bro David Nixon

  • Anthony Still Standing Allen, this run starts in North Aurora.$18.00 - check out our United Souls page