Photos from Anthony Wilde's post

Passed mot with no advisories today .Happy tomorrow then 6 months of riding.

  • Like the stubble

  • an lsl conversion,much better riding position.

  • Thinking about doing something same to mine

  • this one was 10 years ago.i drilled the clamp and used 3" 30degree risers.

  • The thing is, if you had a blue one the air pressure would sort your back and........pull the birds.

  • Like that did u have to cut any plastics

  • yes mate as shown.just trim the "ears".looks ok though

  • It does look good

  • depends what comfort level you're used to.i am an old git ,so my wrists were crippled in 30 miles.much better like this.

  • I have a metal plate in my arm had a blade before this only had the storm two weeks love it but need something to take the edge off its loads better than blade

  • when i had that other vtr,i let a fireman ride it to find out what it was like,he had double carple tunnel ops and couldnt ride the std set up.he was delighted and done th esame to his bike.drilling the top mount is the cheapest getting longer+50mm brake hoses ,everything else fits if you use superlow renthals,you just have to add 2"to the horn wires.

  • Thanks for info mate

  • you're welcome,if you need to know more pm me,the riding position is like riding a street triple.still canted forward but no weight on your wrists,and no bollock crushing brake miseries!!LOL

  • Sounds perfect to me

  • shame youre so far away,maybe someone else here could let you have a test ride on a raised bar one?its a night and day difference.

  • oh and one more thing.dont waste your money on them 19mm bar raisers.theyre utter shite and make no difference whatsoever.also theyre horrifically expensive and they do nothing.

  • Cheers anything to save cash and not end up with rubbish

  • Silly thing, but those mirrors are in the 'wrong' position.

    Should be sticking up, slightly inboard, above your hands.

    But, you have them as you want them, just makes the bike wider and more prone to either whacking them off, and not being able to get through traffic gaps!

  • thats another little job to do mate,just bolted them on as a better than nothing moment.good mirrors,can actually see

  • Nice bars, which brand is it?

  • the bars are "renthal super lows.50mm rise"the raisers are LSL.

  • i been fiddling around with my mirrors and to have them inboard i cant get my hand on the grip,ive swapped them round and allsorts.have you a pic of them fitted like you suggest?cheers Mark Spook Taylor

  • Different mirrors, I know, but these are the ones I have on one bike. Had ones same as yours but can't find a pic. Maybe they're on wrong sides? They 'should' curl in slightly, above the hand but not in the way. But to be honest, wherever you feel they're right for you is the best place! I just worries about them getting knocked off where they are!

  • ok cheers pal.yours look like rich mans ones.LOL.thanks.

  • Yes, I pinched them off him, lol.....

  • These are the new Chinese ones on the commuter bike. Bought as I couldn't see around my elbows after fitting wider bars.

  • Nice!

  • nice mate.ah well,i can see behind me happy days.haha

  • just purchased the ABM conversion kit comes with yoke new brake n clutch cables , handlebar, riser, for. 400

  • No advisories? Better get some louder exhausts on it

  • got baffles in ,happy days.LOL