• Photos from Anthony Wilde's post

    armando sent me a link with these pics.i like this!!! i like it a lot!

    • Now that looks very nice, not normally into messing up a good bike, but thats good.

    • not sure about one front disc tho

    • flat trackers dont have a front brake at all.so i guess its better than nothing"!!hahahahha

    • Hmmm, hadnt spotted that, liked the style tho

    • That's been done by a bike shop near me,

      Just motorcycles in Basingstoke,

      Nice people in there

    • Good to see the radiator remounted .

      Makes it easier to focus on the cool stance of an unfaired VTR. I like it.

      It'd be a bloody handful on the flat track, a mate of mine did a Dust Hustle on one, keeping the it upright wasn't easy,with all that torque in the dirt..

    • My first thought as regards the rad is.... Is it big enough to cool the bike sufficiently ? That's only one of the original two?? There was a chap somewhere on here who fitted an SV1000 rad to his when he 'fightered it... And that appeared to work though....

    • There's a lot of extra hose line.. Obviously it would t cool like a second rad, but would increase the amount of fluid... It's a good point you raise.