Photos from Anthony Wilde's post

some nice yellow for a the package was yellow!!haha.right,changed by bars again from ultra lows to road highs.(renthal 756)i have to say these are definately th ehighest you can go without extending all the wiring.stretched to max on full lock.however,these are fitted to anLSL conversion so thats quite low to start with.just finished and now its raining ,bollocks.hahhahaha!

Steve Burnett

  • Cant agree Armando,clip ons are older than I and are still going strong,if they were dangerous or impractical they would be outlawed,every road bike i have owned in the last 25years have had them and living in Northern Ireland with the wet stuff coming down 70% of the year i doubt that the roads could be much worse anywhere and i find them nimble and very usable in all conditions.

  • Well, maybe "Dangerous" is top much but let's say they're harder on the driver in tight bends because they offer a worse leverage.

  • with me i had a lot of issues with clip ons,but then im older than the pathenon anyway.1.couldnt look over my shoulder,2,my wrists and hands were in pain after about 10 miles,3.two up was even more time i got rid of a storm and bought a "bandit 1200,agh!!!!was comfy but sounded like a typewriter when ticking over and wallowed around the corners in comparison.all good now.for me anyway.

  • Did you try VFR Clip ons, the origin ones are horrible I agree but no reason to install such...

  • Nope, I ended up ordering the LSL kit just like the one Anthony shows in the pictures... basically 'cause my other bike is a KTM Duke 640 and I wanted a similar riding position (well, with all the due differences).

  • one thing i tried,LAVERDA adjustable clip ons,but ,i found i was still reaching across the tank and still had aching wrists,not as bad as std,but still uncomfortable.

  • Its no fun if your wrists start to hurt after riding for 20 minutes which is what I find with most clip ons. I just don't seem to get the same problem with "Proper" bars. It must be part if the joy of getting old.

  • and changing the bars is better,and cheaper, than getting another bike!

  • That's true

  • my wrists dont ache at all now!!hahahahhahahaha

  • Just no blood in your arms to care