Photos from Antonio Figueroa's post

hello everyone,i just joined the page,im in the states,florida to be exact,thanks for letting me join,hope to be able to help when possible and learn or help with things.

here is a pic of my superhawk/firestorm as you call it.

  • Hello and welcome Antonlo :-)

  • thanks for the welcomes,i been checking all the photos and people,seems like a great bunch.

  • Is that a special corbin seat you have on your bike ?

  • hi Antonio , thanks for the PENSKE shock (y)

  • rob,yes it is,it has a trunk,its the best investment yet.

  • Ian,i thought that was you,i saw the bikes and i just knew it was you,saw new pics of the bike with the shock on it,lol,im still so sad i had to let that go.hows it working out for you.

  • hi Antonio , LOL , ref the PENSKE : the one on the bike is the original , I brought the one off you as a spare or for my project stage 2 vtr for which im slowly ( very slowly ) collecting the parts needed . It`s always a sad time letting nice bits go but sometimes you just have to :-( but as I said at the time its gone to a good home (y) / a big "WELCOME" !!! from me .

  • Yes! Finally another American on this page! Nice Sargent seat. I've been aiming at getting one of those for a while

  • Ian,from the look of things,im glad it went to a good home,it will be used to its full potential,make sure to post pics of the build or when its done up.

  • hey chris,lol is there not many U.S. people on here,there should be more,or i would think so.that seat was such a great investment,more now since all i have is a bike until i buy another car.