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Today I tightened the chain, in the point that it is, it would have to change the chain?, thanks

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  • Yup...Mine doesn't have that gauge sticker so I will use your picture to check mine.

  • New chain or ongoing damage.

  • Definitely time for a chain. Take a look at the rear sprocket and examine the teeth. If they all seem to have a curve to them in on direction or if they look like shark teeth you will need both chain and front and rear sprockets. You can buy these as a set.

  • Replace chain soon. Ok to ride to get one.

  • Just go ahead and bite the bullet! Get a new chain!!

  • You still good

  • My plan is to walk about 1000 / 2000kilometres more and change chain and kit,,,,,,thanks!!

  • Replace the will wear the sprockets faster if haven't already.

  • i don't worry bout HP. I have a shaft drive, nice and smooth riding, full bagging my bike, so low and slow for me, stereo blasting, feet up enjoying the day. we don't get to many nice riding days in Michigan, so when I'm on my bike i'm in no hurry to get anywhere.

  • Since I had planed on changing my sprockets when I decided to do my chain I removed two links on my original one and ran it to over 20,000mi.

  • Uau, that was good,,, changing everything is money, but I will doing what I can, the subject is that I can continue to enjoy the VT600 ;-)

    I am calm and I think your advice is very good to decide, thanks!!!