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Let's try again... up for sale used bug spoiler. Black finish in good conditions but most of the mounting holes are cracked (small missing parts of plastic), should be easy to fix but can be fitted as is. UPS delivers within Europe for €32 so I'd say €80 shipped or best offer. I don't use it so... PayPal is fine. You can also schedule your own carrier if you find a better price. I'm in Italy. :-)

  • The price you ask for the part is not that bad! But with the added shipping costs the price is double. But could be me for thinking..

  • Yeah but unfortunately I doubt it could be shipped for a lower price, even dismounted it's still pretty big. Can't do anything about it, I'm afraid. A new one costs €150 plus shipping and must be sprayed so it's still a good deal IMHO.

  • Shipping parts is always a pain in the butt! And especialy with that kind of big parts! But i hope that you will sell the part quick

  • If it doesn't sell, no big deal. I just see it collecting dust in my garage daily so I thought that for €45 I could make somebody happy ;-) LOL

  • Ats far too dear specially if its aw cracks n bits amissing

  • I shipped one of those...cost less than £20...

  • Where in Italy are you?

  • Southern Italy, province of Avellino (yes, the Sopranos are my neighbors). Unfortunately italian postal service is more expensive and the cost I reported is for UPS Standard. If €45 + postage is still too much I better save the time and hassle to pack it :-D

  • £20 are €25... for a postal service. I'd use UPS. Still not cheap but at least delivers in 3-4 days within Europe.

  • If you were near Milan a friend who is coming to the UK next week would have picked it up

  • I can ship within Italy for €8.