• Photos from Asif Khetab's post

    New R&G Delani Soundbomb horn fitted :)

    • I gota little surprise for my msx Oh how I love having American cars about

    • How easy is this to do?

    • Very easy. Comes with 2 straight brackets. Bend them in half in an L shape. . Remove old bracket. Fit new one on with horn on the other side

    • depends on the horn most have 2 spade tabs

    • Best value for money upgrade I have done so far...

    • Everyone should have 1 or get one http://www.rg-racing.com/brows ebike/Honda/MSX125_(GROM_125)/2013/DENTTSB10200B/

    • Liam Cran :)

    • There rather loud

      I colour coded mine to my bike

    • IMO All loud horns are good for us two wheelers.

      But I reckon Wolo bad boy is king ( but expensive and on the big side ).

      No. 2 is Sickspeed dual tone.

      3rd place is the mini bomb.

      Not trying to say my dad is bigger than your dad, just my opinion.

    • Is it a lot louder ? Say twice as loud ?

    • Colour coded Denali

    • Which model wolo ?

    • The 419 David. It's way more than twice as loud. A few vids on the net to check the volume.

    • Kevin Kojima thanks

    • 419 sir

    • Got anything I can use?

    • Probs can get hold of yank style horns sound similar to us train. Horns

    • Small enough for the grom?

    • Same size as a normal car horn

    • That's much cheaper than I'd thought they were! Could be on the cards in a couple of weeks