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My New mustang seat

  • I'm 6'2" so raising the seat would actually help. Cool. I want the same setup as you with the drivers backrest, minus the studs. On the Mustang site, they are near $700. Did you find cheaper?

  • Try joining the Delphi group 750 Aero Group, grat bunch of folks and you may find a good used seat! :-)

  • There is a mustang seat for a honda shadow on ebay now. $325.00 or best offer.

  • Snap

  • I live in iceland after I pay shipyng and tax that cost my 1200$

  • Holy crap lol

  • So many 750s on this site lol. I need this seat for an 1100 but minus the studs on the side

  • How do you like the Mustang seat?Mine still has the stock seat and after a 100 mile ride the other day my back side hurt for two days after. It felt like it did in the 7th grade when the dean tore me up with a big wooden paddle

  • I like it, Í,d din't feel any pain in my back, while I'm riding

  • Amazon has the VT750 seat - $449 regular and $632 w/backrest. I ordered mine a couple of days ago. Free shipping.

  • No Free shipping to iceland

  • Just did 2 hour ride on mine! Love it! So much better than the stock saddle. I don't care for being 2 inches higher as my windshield is now a bit to low but my backside is thanking me already. So I give it