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Any thaughs on this cam follower ? All 4 has the same wear. Should they be replased or can the valves be adjusted so that this wear dosent matter ?

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  • Replace. No doubt.

  • What he said.

  • Yup. Junk.

  • Not junk - just need to put them away until you have the money to spare to get them re welded and re ground. But as they are now - do not use.

  • I just got mine back from MegaCycle Cams was $99 each to reface and harden. Well worth the cost, in my opinion.

  • Had these 4 done at delta cams. I sent a new one as a sample. They matched it perfectly

  • I will be sending another 4 to them in a few weeks. If you need to send any there my new reference one will be there and they can use it as a reference

  • Might do that Paul - what's a set cost at Delta?

  • You got an email for Delta Cams Paul? I tried last night but it bounced.

  • Paul Guglielmin, would also like to know the cost at Delta. See that John P. paid $99 each after reface and harden at MegaCycle Cams and find that a little expensive. I can buy new for €99 each at CMS and a complete set of 4 on ebay for $175

  • I would replace because it's not a matter of 'if' but when. they are already out so there ya go...I come across them but many have a lot of wear. try

  • following

  • I took mine to a Cylinder head sho,. they hard faced them and radial ground them , started the bike today and sounds good, no tappet typr noise

  • a tappy engine is a happy engine