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    Finished VTR SP1 V-1000. after 6mths and it looks absolutely fantastic, but sad I may not get a chance to ride it before putting it up for sale

    • You won't reduce the value by running it in, I assume you refurbed the motor?

    • No Tony. Low mileage and runs sweet so motor as not been split, no need. it full service and new plugs last year but everything else as been cleaned/serviced

    • Ian Metcalfe a super-bike shop as been to value it and offered £6500. Because it's all original just as it came out of the factory. In their own words "unmolested" they said they would put it up at £6999. As most others are not original with aftermarket replacement parts

    • Yes it looks stunning if you do sell let me no it will only go up in value

    • Where do you live? I'm south Yorkshire and have 2. I bought one in 2000 and still have it. Got this one as a project (retired) and I've loved every minute of working on it

    • Your choice is yours sell it as is, for about that price, (you'll get more as a trade-in against something new) or run it for a year, then sell it for the same money anyway, assuming you don't drop or wreck it, as they seem to accrue value at the same rate as depreciation.

      Unless you put it away as an investment, and take a chance that in ten years it'll be super-collectable as it's low mileage.

      You can pick one up in the US quite reasonably and pay the shipping, by the way.

    • Tony Monahan I paid over £10,000. For one in 2000. and still have it and keeping it until it's worth what I paid.. lol. and anything with HRC on it is an investment

    • I'm near york

    • I was looking to buy one 2 months ago it was up at £4700 but no way near as clean

    • Ian B4 buying this one I looked at several and they were a bag of bolts, too many broken and missing parts and asking £4700. to £5800. OK to ride but would cost far too much to restore

    • Yes think if I was to buy one would have to be mint iv had 5 vtr but never had the sp1 my mate had one and loved it but I'd not ride it much it would be an investment as they will go up in price

    • I'll never sell mine ... :)

    • Seeing as this is a Storm page ... my old Storm .. loved it :)