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    Looking at buying a cb 1000r

    • Mines 11 plate with 8500 miles, bought in december from hunts honda, i gave £5295

    • Ok cheers guys

    • This time of year with a full FSH about £3,500 -£3,800 cash is about right - PX values he'd be looking at £2,800 (max) from a dealer if the bike is very clean and unmarked. Unfortunately due to punter sensitivity over mileage, any bike over £10k is seen as 'past it' and doesn't hold it's value as well (even though an easy fairly trouble free 80k+ is on offer)....good time to buy...

    • Won't take any less than £3900 for it he's said.

    • Go £3850 and just let him stew, he wont lose the sale over £50

    • ..he'll be waiting quite a while ! ....

    • I bought a 09 plate CB with (FSH) 3k on it from a BM dealer (it had been px'd) in 2011 (only just been MOT'd) in late spring of that year - I paid £4,500....I think £3,800 is fair - who will blink first !

    • Selling my 2011 want £4500 loads of extras new tyres and battery 16k service history

    • I managed to get it for £3800. Pick it up Saturday

    • What you looking to spend?

    • Got 2012 abs extreme 8750 miles history, loads of nice extra's + all original parts for 5300

    • top job !