• Photos from Ben Harman's post

    I have new EBC Oversize rotor kits in stock £115 (£120Posted)

    • No works with original caliper :)

    • Are they any good pal

    • They look nice, and should be much better - more disc to absorb the energy, plus the caliper will develop more braking torque due to having a longer lever (larger diamter disc). How easy/hard is it to fit/remove caliper with wheel in place?

    • Work really well over stock !!

      EBC Say a 30% Increase

      Easy fit took around 10mins :-)

    • Where do we get them from

    • who needs better brakes on a 60 mph bike? ;-)

    • Is the relocation bracket available in other colours?

    • Not sure Svein ....... Lol

    • No sorry Peter but could easily strip the anodising and polish it or re anodise :-)