• Photos from Ben Harman's post


    • Prices will hopefully be confirmed Wednesday but around £300 for the pair of Halo Boomerangs Josh Bissonnette will post a lot more pics tonight of the install grin emoticon

    • Holy shit

    • They do look flipping awesome, better than the KCP ones imo but couldn't justify 300 notes on them!!

    • It's because they are machined from solid aluminium blocks. Obviously it's a desirable item rather than a required one. They are pricey but they are awesome! Look forward to getting mine!

    • Jordy Byker thats the indicators i was talking about!!

    • I have heard their build quality is unlike any other grom part out there. You get what you pay for

    • These being CNC machined from a solid aluminium block isn't a cheap process !!!

      I wasn't sure if i would fit a set to my own bike but after fitting these there going on !!! lol

    • Are they plug and play

    • Yes Dan - plug and play. No soldering.

    • If you have the LED resistor though - if not you'll need one. Obviously I'm going on the pics OTB sent me but should be PnP. Ben Harman will need to confirm if it has it built in or if you need the resistor as an extra as I've only seen prototype ones

    • You need an LED relay but I know most would already have this :)

      6 Crimps are supplied to hook straight up to stock loom