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Ill now be stocking OPMID products from Japan !!

My initial order will be arriving soon :D

Billet upper bar holder has built in oil temp and volt gauge that can be check the most important information for the engine. Simply just plug in the couplers, no special modification needed. Automatically detect the electric signal from the engine. The wiring also stays neatly.

RRP will hopefully be around £90 :D

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  • That's just great! Got to save even more money now!! Bad enough with you stocking OTB!!!

  • And im sorting out more :O lol

  • Oh joy!!! Got any pictures of the OTB mirrors yet? With and without indicators? I was looking into ordering the Opmid from Japan but was having trouble with the website!!!

  • Hi Ben, can you put me down for one please :)

  • Will do buddy :)

  • Thankyou :)

  • Yea lucky for me my Japanese is getting pretty good lol

    Ill have some arriving soon !!!

  • Plug and play install other than wiring up the power and ground lead. Quality gage

  • Ben 笑

  • Great little gauge. I love mine.

  • Won't fit fat bars will it?

  • No sorry buddy only stock size bars :)

  • Do you think there is a speedo version of this?

  • Brought one of these a couple of weeks ago, note to everyone, make sure the kill switch is off otherwise it will read 185 oil temp took me like a full 15 minutes to work that one out lol

  • So turn the ignition on first, then flick the kill switch to on?

  • Down so that the kill switch is disengaged if the kill switch is on (so that the injectors don't prime) then I dunno just tells you that your bike should have exploded lol

  • Excellent haha, will just change my starting procedure when I get one, cheers for the info :)

  • I always use my kill switch to me if someone try's to take the bike that two seconds of them figuring out why it won't start could be the difference, sounds a bit silly now saying it because they'd probably just put it in the back of a van but yer doesn't matter when, before or after you turn the ignition on just until you do it it reads wrong lol