• Photos from Ben Harman's post

    OTB Parts are now Available !!!

    Takegawa 4v Cam Cover £65.00

    Standard Head Cam Cover £65.00

    Shark Fin Black Valve Covers £65.00

    Gear Selector £135.00

    Stock Swingarm Chain Tensioners £140.00

    Cant offer free shipping with the OTB stuff so will be +£5 for 1st class recorded post :D

    Thanks Ben

    • Time to start saving up again

    • Just put a big order in

    • Hahaha

    • Hey, how much is shipping to luxembourg? :)

    • £10 :)

    • Only 2 sets of chain Adjusters left ✌

    • are there just shifters or do they do brake pedals as well?

    • that said the amount i drop my bike on the floor that much money on a lever is probably a bad idea.

    • go hard or go home ;) x

    • I hope they do them

    • Gear changer is beautiful but 135 notes? Mmmm, sure it's quality but parts here in Thailand are 1/8th the price. But probably snap off when you need to get away from the BIB!

    • Still have parts available :D