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Pics to go with my previous post

  • Heartbreaking when your bike gets nicked. Enjoy the Cbr though, let us know how they compare.

  • It probably won't be as fun as the grom, but i feel like if i get another one then it will eventually get nicked, they are so sought after :(

  • Seems like there really isn't much you can do to hold on to a bike in London or anywhere in uk. They go round with battery grinders, even big chains don't stand a chance. Anyone heard of anything that really works? Other than getting a shit old bike no one wants?

  • Wish I had the cash spare for this

  • By the looks of it it isnt going anywhere anytime soon mate

  • How much is it you're after mate?

  • 1250 ish

  • Itll probably drop though with lack of interest

  • Yeah way out of my budget

  • Trackers of you wanna pay loads but worth it

  • Oh no way, sorry about your Grom Bro. Hope the cunts who done it get what they deserve.

  • That only helps you find it, could have been wrecked riding around a skate park or have half the bits ripped off it. Or leads you into a load of trouble in a warehouse minded by hood rats. Best is for it not to get lost in the first place but how?

  • U braking it 2 sell?

  • how much for the red plastics ? :

  • ***SOLD*** Admin feel free to delete posts