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In the most beautiful place in the world.... israel for ever and ever!!!!!

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  • Man I bet it IS awesome riding around there. I'll go before I die.

  • For you, this year - in Jerusalem!

  • Long live Palestine!!!

  • fuck off!!!!!

  • lol palestin!!!!! dreamland.... ha ha ha

    israel for ever and ever!!!!!!!

  • No fuck Jew you Zionist pig don't you have some children to molest while you pray to Moloch...

  • I want to abuse terrorists and anti-Semites like you!!!

  • your a bitch I would destroy you. As for Anti-Semite I cant be if I support the Palestine people right to exist you are nothing more than a AZ Nazi Yiddish puke your not even a true Jew. I trained you idiots and found you creeps to be wanting in every aspect other than being able to bet up on children and even then you had to do it in groups. Your women are more manly than your men are. P.S. Anyone that knows history knows that Palestine was never Jewish land and never will be.

  • I want to sacrifice to the devil children of Nazis !!! You are not more than another stupid anti-Semite and a child of Nazis. You hate the wrong side and not understand anything about history. your mother was a prostitute who was raped by the Russians, your childhood will be raped by Muslim immigrants and your sons will be cut off by the name of Mohammed !!! Europe loves Islam and the muslim going to burn europe with hell of fire !! You and all the anti-Semites and the Nazis !!!

  • Jew sound like pathetic fool...

  • In 5 seconds I showed you your true face. You do not really care about the poor Palestinian children. You made hatred of the Jews, the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. If you cared about poor children then you would care about children in Syria, Africa, Sudan and other countries that slaughter children. And read in history books and know that he was never a Palestinian. This is just an invention.

  • That pish escalated quickly.