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I don't know if it's just me but I'm kinda digging the sportster seat compare to stock ones. With a lil bit of mods she'll fit just

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  • That does look


  • No passengers?! Lol

  • Why? Lol

  • Can u put another seat behind it?

  • I prefer not to, not experience enough as I'm just learning to ride. Lol

  • Oh ok... Looks super cool. Are u bobbing it out?

  • Had the idea. went yesterday to see a guy selling both seat & fenders out of a sportster but fender had too many holes in the centre that I wouldn't waste my time repairing it. So on the look out for another fender lol got the seat tho in showroom condition $20 which I 'can't complain' so yeah that is in the process lol

  • Still in the process, just wanna see what kind of input I'd get whether it's a negative or positive. Cheers