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De nieuwe msx'n zijn gearriveerd bij Honda dealer B_StreetZone te geel!

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  • Mmmmmm

  • Warming to the red

    Bloody length of that tail

    Oh dear!

  • I'm liking the black !!

  • Just put deposit down for white but I might change my mind

  • I'm tempted !!

    But would leave this one stock

  • Hey Ben

    The 143 kits work with this ? Think it's same engine

  • Yep stock me2

    Part from tail & bars

    And bbk

  • I'm warming to mat black 1 ! Looks like most after market parts will fit

  • Hitting showrooms end of May

  • Same motor

  • Interesting Honda for EU models have dropped the word SF after the 125 decal, As Honda where talking about the MSX 125 SF (aka Mini Street Fighter) for the new 2016 Model Year in the Honda EU Press release. I am hoping Honda would have another MSX model in the range based on the Honda Grom 50cc Scrambler concept models, For me the Scramblers models look more interesting but no doubt the new MSX will sell just as well.

  • im not a fan of the new generation.. i find the new fairing corny. also the exhaust looks way to thick down there.

  • I infinitely prefer the new exhaust to the old stock one, the new panels I'm eh on but the matte grey is better than any of the older grom color schemes, but the headlight looks dumb, like some kind of chappie wannabe.