Photos from Bobby Demers's post

Ok. Here are some pics of the Rebel 450 I'm selling on. Brand new chain+sprockets, rebuilt top end with head gasket (April 2015), rebuilt front brake caliper (June 2015), Avon Venom tires (rear is 150 - oversize), shortened front fender, mini indicators in front, 6" forward extensions for the feet, MAC exhaust, just repaired the choke (never worked since I got it... being lazy!). Integrated LED brake/indicator unit under rear fender with proper relay to control indicator light speed. The pillion seat is rough but I will put on the matching one to the recovered front seat so it will look a bit better. I've also put the original handlebars back on.

54000km on the clock. Only issue is the starter spring makes a racket when it starts up, but has done this since I've owned it and It's never been an issue..... the biggest issue is the tank has big dent in it! It runs well and I have always done the oil changes every 2000 miles since I've owned it.

Looking for around £700ono

PM me if you're interested. I'm in London, UK

  • Esta chingona

  • If you were in Holland I'd offer you a €100,- for it. Be honest. The thing looks like scrap!

  • One man's scrap is another man's treasure Leo van Mil. The forward controls are probably worth more than

  • I am not tempted, I am not tempted, I am not tempted...........

  • Yes you are, yes you are, yes you are.........