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Appears that my carburetor has started leaking gasoline. From the looks of it, that hose appears to be the culprit. Does anyone know what the name of that hose clamp is called and where I can find a new one? Going to guess that the previous one lost its tension.

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  • Checa los empaques, quizá ya estén vencidos y no sella bien, otra opción puede se la manguera en todo caso cambiarla por una un poco mas ajustada y como tercera opción puede ser que el flotador este mal calibrado.

  • Manguera de combustibleee puede que esta ya vieja y rigida y haya necesitad de cambio

  • Thank you!

  • Does anyone know the thickness of the fuel hose?

  • 3 a 4 milimetros creo

  • You should be able to put a small hose clamp on it. Auto Zone should have one. Or a zip tie could work in a pinch.

  • Not the most convenient to tighten from the side

  • That'll work.

  • Mine does the same, I fixed it but left the discoloration for extra white trash effect

  • what did you do to fix yours?

  • New hose, clamp was good

  • where'd you find the hose?

  • Pretty much any car part store can get it, or eBay, or even harbor freight

  • 3/8in or 1/2in?

  • I don't even remember man, I just took it in and the matched it

  • David Lee Watkins

  • Actually a zip tie will do the trick. Better than that little wire. I tend to use them on my fuel lines.

  • I use zip ties also. Lol

  • Quick little fix last night. Put a hose clamp on this fitting since it's easy to tighten. The other one I just readjusted and moved the clamp a few millimeters. Going to pickup a new hose sometime this weekend.

  • Also wiped down as much as water and a paper towel would handle.