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Finishing up a cross country trip on my 2012 Honda Rebel. Currently in Newfoundland. Taking the ferry back to Nova Scotia tonight, and headed back to the states. Currently logged 20,000 miles on the bike when I bought it new in Mississippi (exactly 1 year ago). Only problem I encountered was a few nuts vibrating loose and a blown oil seal. Quick fix at the shop, and i was back on the road. Great bike overall!

Map Legend: Red = Completed Route. Pink = Remaining Route. Blue Dot = Current Location.

  • MY HERO!

  • WOW !!!!

  • salute

  • Still on first tank of gas

  • The Rebel Rides!

  • Awesome!

  • Awesome!

  • Would love to be able to do that!!

  • Suzanne - I don't really feel the vibrations, but it's definitely there. Lost my license plate once, and my exhaust bracket nuts fell off too. Highly recommend replacing most nuts with lock nuts for anyone running high rpms over long distances with this bike.

    As for the wind, if it's wind gusts, I just hold on tight. Lol. If it's a head wind, then I just duck down.

  • Is your bike stock? Did you make any changes? What's your cruising speed?