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    Trying to add a some more fuel because of straight pipes and trying to make it run better for now until I can afford to jet it. Any help which screw to add fuel help from someone who's done it maybe?

    • i need to do that also

    • Above is correct, I second that.

    • May have to uncap those if it's factory correct?

    • I turned it out about a turn and a 1/4 and it still pops pretty bad and engine braking sounds like a semi Jake braking lol

    • That adds more fuel/combustion. Start it, let it warm up, turn your idle screw (this will be only on one side of the carb and unique) to a satisfactory level. Then on each tune your air fuel screws SIMULTANEOUSLY (meaning remember exactly how much and mimic on other side), starting with factory specs. What year/engine size

    • On my 2000 1100cc factory setting is 3.5 turns, think the 700 was 2.5, fact check that. But to tune them just do as I said before and after you get the idle screw to a place where the bike is idling nice and consistent then turn the a/f mixture screw right until just before it bottoms out, you'll hear it in the bike, then turn left either 2.5 turns left (700cc) or 3.5 turns left (1100). From there you can find your bikes sweet spot.

    • Correct me if I'm wrong the choke on my old 600 had a plastic knob you would turn and then that awesome a/f ratio screw you need a special tool for too.