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Hand guards.

Think I've seen the answer somewhere in previous questions but cannot find it...

I've retro fitted guard to left side using a spacer on end of bar end and a longer bolt, and used provided bracket and fixed to brake reservoir housing( I'm assuming it was originally for mirrors)

Now I'm finding the guard "hits" (I'd say about an inch of movement short of full lock) the front fairing.

If I remember correctly the answer is to put on a handlebar off set bracket?

Sorry for asking an already answered question

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  • I have some extensions to raise the handlebars. Wind deflectors foul the fairing on full lock but only just, not a problem.

  • Just been looking at risers with an offset. Just hope it doesn't make hoses & cables short. Will make it an expensive project to keep fingers warm lol

  • Ive got those on my cbf 1000, I elongated the holes in the plastic where the bracked goes to the mirror mount. My guards just touch the fairing

  • I'll take a look at that option tomorrow- thanks Chris

  • Quinton Cardy has some like that, I think the cables are fine. My risers are straight up, 20mm.

  • Think that's got it Chris,

    Moved guard as close to bracket as possible, - just touches the screen on full lock.

    A ride out is needed now to make sure there's enough space for hand movement on the levers.

  • I see you've got shorter levers on, I moved my lever mounts over to give clearance on end of levers

  • Levers are originals, I've used a spacer after bar end weights to give room for levers to operate.

  • Alan Marsh has short levers in his pic above.