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A small coolant leak started in the valley near the cross over tube. Only leaks when sitting, not running. Can't find where it's coming from. Checked all obvious locations, so thought i would ask you guys...V65 sabre

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  • I've heard you can get the tubes off without but it's a chore. Choose your poison I guess. Maybe he'll be lucky and its leaking from one of the rubber hoses...

  • Coolant tube seals no doubt; time to pull the carbs. Give them (carbs) a clean a/o rebuild when they're off V4 market has a kit that does it all in one. Replace the other water hoses and be done with it.

  • Looks like o rings on the liwer cross over tube. Bigger silver one

  • Already replaced the rings on smaller ones when we synchd the carbs

  • I had same problem on V45 but different location (could not find it even after taking carbs off)!

    I did the unforgivable - I put some "radiator stop leak" in her and problem gone!

  • You can pull the coolant tubes with the carbs in, it's just diff getting at those 8mm bolts that hold the retainer clips. The front one in particular doesn't always sit properly; kind of teeter-totters and either one side or the other isn't in far enough. You might have to play with the bending of the tube slightly to get it to sit properly. I ended up destroying the front tube when I pulled mine and replaced off ebay but I had to massage the replacement item to make it sit properly.

  • Glad you found it Brian; I'm replacing all of these myself currently on my big Sabre but my motor is totally out after a rebuild

  • Tom m Tom M. Batchelor, i ran into that when synch the carbs. Pulled the upper cross over with pulling the carbs. Was a pain but can be done. Looks like the lower silver one is seeping on both ends so betting its those o rings.

  • Had that same thing a while ago. Pretty sure it just stopped after a while. Maybe I put too much in?

  • U can put it under presure and try to find the leak, maybe a garage can help u puttin it under preasure with some kind of pump, did it with my car so i could find the weak hose