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    I picked this up last night...... I don't want to mess up the frame but it's missing the gearbox clutches engine etcetera I want to put something in it that fits nicely but gives it plenty of power what do you think....... I know that Challenger full chassis like this is fairly rare you think it's worth sorting out another FL250 or maybe FL 350 in it?

    • How much

    • I didn't list it for sale I was asking opinions

    • Put in a 2 stroke snowmobile engine either 583cc or skittle smaller with some seadoo carbs... you won't regret it. Trust me. :)

    • I've been leaning that direction but it doesn't have the clutches or gear box so I'm debating on if I do that or bike motor....... I've got a GSXR 750 with fuel injection sitting there looking for a project and I was going to put it on a four wheeler frame......... but I don't know how well it fits yet and I don't want to screw up the original chassis

    • A bike engine would take to much work to dial in... The power band would not match up with any clutch or gearing system suitable for that buggy... your going to want a nice long power band.

    • A bike engine will ruin this and make it very flippy.

      Drop in a 583 rotax, does the chassis have axles or no?

    • If no axles I can tell you the u joint axles aren't made anymore and will be a bitch to find. Will have to find your own setup

    • I figured it wouldn't be hard to sort out a universal knuckle for a 1 inch shaft