• Photos from Bruce McGregor's post

    At the suggestion of Paul De Doncker I have taken the valve pockets off the THR pistons. I am having all sorts of problems with cam timing so I stripped the whole bottom end today, modified the pistons and re assembled. I will be able to do this with my eyes closed shortly. (except for the adjustable cam timing)

    • what piston did you use? Wiseco?

    • They are made by Wiseco but sold by THR.

    • Taken the valve pockets off?

    • Yep.

    • I don't understand

    • Aussie slang. Yes taken the valve pockets off.

    • Lol... what does that consist of?

    • Removing the fly cut relief completely from both intake and exhaust sides. Back to the dome.

    • Ok. How does this help?

    • Assists with airflow across the piston crown.

    • Doesn't it reduce compression?

    • It would by a very small amount.