• Photos from Bryan Glover's post

    Just striped a CB77 engine down for Mark Whitehead

    He says it packed in doing about 70

    How lucky is he???

    Or should that be unlucky

    • No I don't sell parts like seals they are obtainable from CMS in holland Martyn I only usually buy them in sets because if one is hard they probably all are sorry friend

    • Or you can get them on eBay

    • Not the CL 77 as it doesn't have a starter clutch

    • Bryan Glover where do you suggest I a get a tab washer from?

    • CMS are the only place I've found them Martyn

      I've got four new ones if you are really struggling I will let you have one I've also had a look and think I may have a seal also

    • Martyn I've got the tab washer but sorry no seal but they are plentyful

      PM me with your details


    • Hi Bryan Glover did you get my details?

    • No Martin

    • If you look in your "other " Messages

    • Can't access it on phone mate text me it on 07968581280