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1985 honda 350x runs great new rebuild last year wisco piston and rings after market dg exhaust ariginal fenders needs seet cove new crank and bearings new rear axel and bearings start fits kick bored 40 over also have another 85 parts x rolling frame no fenders no tank carb or vavle body only bottom end nice project asking 2500.00 Obo

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  • Cool.. Blaster is a fun little bike!

  • It's fast for sure

  • My 13 year old boy loves it lol

  • I ride mine all the time I just like to keep em looking good! I used to race ATC's back in the day I bought a 1985 350X brand new was $1,500 out the door I got a 1986 250R & 1989 250R fourtrax with a ftz stroker motor i'll take you to school!..haha

  • You got as way better deal than me! I paid $2200 for mine, brand new!

  • Mine from honda out the box it was shipped in was 4500.00

  • $4500 for what a 350X new? they didn't cost that much back then! I'm talking about back when they came out in 1985-86 I bought a brand new 1 from the Honda dealer off the showroom floor was $1,575 my brother bought a 1986 at the same time his was only $200 more then after 1987 was the last year Honda built ATC's and after they banned them you couldn't get 1 from Honda

  • 4500 would be like a 350x all original and clean

  • After the ban I got it from the dealer still in the box when I was 16 guy new my grandpa so extra money well spent

  • Tea I know that but I got 12 of them the one and parts one is the one I bought my very first and second one