• Photos from Buster Bradbury's post

    Apparently im biased towards customers with msx's serviced and cleaned for him

    • Thought the yoshi has a weird spaghetti pipe?

    • Good on you. I didn't even have oil on my dipstick let alone a wash after a service at my local Honda... (even though it said on the bill "WASH BIKE"..)

    • Only on one of the two they make i believe

    • Complain buddy that would be unacceptable imo

    • Already did, nothing happened. I'm honestly more upset about the fact they're tarnishing Honda's reputation rather than my own bike etc. :(

    • Yay my bike the r77s this pipe is straight and the new rs2 pipe is twisty

    • Which gargle do you work in. Mine needs some warranty work and I don't trust my local shop

    • Maidstone honda mate

    • Christ, does that mean when mine goes in i have to specify "Please don't wash the bike"?

    • With me then yes

    • It's never seen water yet! No doubt one day it will but until then it's dry wash only

    • nice to see another r77s