• Photos from Cameron Gillies's post

    Few pics of my latest build

    • Very, Very cool.

    • I thought the copper muffler may catch your eye....

    • Mad

    • Dude, I'm currently restoring a pushie which will be in copper colour!

    • Nice..when are you going to start on that cub....or do you want me to take it off your hands...

    • That looks sick man very cool. Love the copper. I was thinking of doing a front headlight similar to yours

    • Ask my missus! Its going to happen but it will be some time off.

    • Cheers mate, yeh I'm big fan of he headlight and muffler, both of them came from the states, not cheap but worth it

    • What engine does it have

    • Lifan 125

    • How do you go with rego and the engine?

    • I got a rwc and rego first with bike stock, then stripped it down and built it back up with mods