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Ok so on my 2000 rancher 350 4x4 es the shifting is messone up like most older ranchers do it gets stuck in gear from time to time just turn the key off and back on and it's Fixxed till it gets stuck again so I figured it was the angle sensor so I bought a "USED" one off of eBay well I just got it in today installed it and change idk of the angle sensor is good or bad but I also orderd a gear position shift sensor cuz it sounds like it could be it so could the gear position shift sensor be the problem ? And we're is it located at on the atv

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  • o ok

  • I might buy that one 25 dollar one to see if it will work or just buy a brand new one for my certain atv

  • I just wanna know what's wrong with it

  • Well I'll just send that part back

  • Mine does same thing put new sensor and motor on it and it still does it

  • I guess I'm gonna orders brand new sensor then motor and go from there

  • I don't think k it's timing chai if anything its computer , shift motor , angle sensor is what I'm hoping

  • I'm hoping its not the selector switch

    It shifts just fine just ununtil I start riding it and it gets to high rpms like in 2 3 4 5 it does it most in

  • Don't they make a thing were you can plug it into your cdi plug and it tells you what's wrong ?

  • I bought 2 angle sensors and no change