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Bike still for sale in El Paso Texas. Have it listed on CL for $2800 but my rock bottom is $2,500. it's a 2005 with new seats, paint, custom fenders, tires, brakes and lots others!

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  • Sweet bike, I have a 2009 Honda Rebel. Where did you get your custom fenders?

  • Good morning Liz Kaplowitz. I got the fenders through Go to their site and on upper left click on fenders. Then the ones I ordered are the lowboys.

  • Thanks for the info, if I hadn't just bought my bike I would just buy yours. Why are you selling it?

  • My son just turned 15 and will soon get his license. My wife and I have too many toys and need to share with our kids now. So selling my wife's rebel and my shadow. To fund the completion of my sons car.

  • This is my shadow.

  • Here is my son and his 1965 Ford Falcon. As you can tell, I can never leave anything stock. :-) going to get his upholstery, paint and new wheels and tires.

  • You and your wife have great taste in bikes. They are very nice looking, here's my bike I like it it just needs something to make it unique.

  • Love the car, customized cars and bikes are the best. You do really great work.

  • Sweet! Those rebels are great bikes! Be safe!

  • Very nice! I wish I lived closer and had money, brother. I'd take it!