Photos from Cesar Calderon's post

Went to a local show and just for shits and giggles entered my bike. Well took 1st place on the Metric class.

  • 60's corvette monroe shocks. Just upgraded my air compressor a few weeks ago too to a Viair 92c

  • That's a great looking bike Cesar.

  • One of the things on my to get list

  • Hardbags are next for me

  • That's also one for me. I want to adapt ace tourer bags to my aero

  • I'm going with harley bags

  • Would love to be able to do true duals one on each side but dont think they were ever made

  • Shadow ace tourer exhaust. Vance and Hines makes a trudual bagger exhaust. Only reason guys usually don't put it on their aero is because you have to mount the muffler to where the bag mount is usually.

  • Would that exhaust nolt up? If so I am definitely looking into it. I can figure out the mount for the bags im sure

  • It will bolt to the heads and all fine but where the muffler section is under where the factory bags are there is a mount there. Would have to come up with something. Look into them. They bolt up and fit the aero heads