Photos from Charlie Reeves's post

Anyone able to post me the chain adjuster for the msx? Need the rear right hand side bit with the plate - a few said they were gonna post me one but nothing has materialised as of yet

  • Yeah probably will do - I've done 4200 miles or so.. When's next service due haha

  • Check your service book but I believe it could be 5 or 6 thousand miles

  • Ok sweet

  • i have a stock rear bridge,i cant sell the plate alone because then its not the total packet...i can sell you a cheap rear bridge with plates and bolts. pm me for the price...

  • Vincent Derenne should have a couple being posted to me over the next few days - if had nothing in a week or so, and if ya still got them - I'll grab it off ya then

  • so you want the rearbridge?

  • let me now

  • If nothing arrived by a week or so then yeah. I'll message you if I need it

  • ok , il make a nice prise on it...

  • Ok mate cool, I'll be in touch