• Photos from Charlie Reeves's post

    Quality afternoon out practicing... This is just 2

    Photos out of a few my mate took... Waiting for him t send me the others

    • Not trying to be a kill joy if your guna wheelie like that at least where a lid, if that bike comes to far back you can't stop it with the brake, as you don't have a hand brake and you may not be able to stop it going over,

      on another note it's a good wheelie, get a hand brake and you'll do awesomely I'm in the learning stages of stunt riding so feel I can have a basic say :p

    • I normally do wear my lid. Took it off for 2 minutes... I wear 2 piece leathers + boots or Kevlar jeans +boots etc... I'm careful about this practice... I wanna do stunting properly in the future on s gsxr1000 or something. ... Once I've got full licence, the msx is getting stunt cage, proper gearing etc...

      Gonna be my training bike

    • Get a cbr6 old style for stunting

    • I only say because I've seen bad crashes when not brake covering, 600ccs are the best for stunting I currently use a drz for stunting as I love supermotos

    • Drz life

    • Thought I saw you on the drz group

    • Yeah man! Can't quite wheelie like you though last time I did ended up in a&e

    • Hand brake mate, some say cheating but those are the people that flip sports bikes ;)

    • I'd love a hand brake

    • Do it what's stopping ya

    • I'll take my chances with the msx, gonna be jumping straight t a 1000 when I'm 24 in 6 months... Msx just aks t be chucked about lol

    • Money at the moment haha

    • Although if you've got a link to one I'll appreciate it

    • Charlie if you really want to stunt don't go for a 1k trust me haha

    • Buying one up yourself don't buy a complete kit it's cheaper

    • Mates got a K3 gsxr 1000 that just asks for being stunted haha.

    • Okay well I've said, 1000s are too powerful and require such as small amount of throttle it's not good for street wheelies yeah fine but technical stuff there no good really

    • Msx will be main stunt bike, then gsxr, a Z1000 and maybe room in garage for a XT660X ... Gonna have a range lol

    • Yeah mate

    • When I get a day off Charlie Reeves I'll try practicing a few wheelies, I've been told dump the clutch & control the throttle

    • That's essentially the basis t it haha